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First of all, you must understand that getting into shape takes a lot of work. Utilizing muscle confusion exercise is no different. It's truly about being consistent and working hard over a long period of time. Most people don't see the results they were looking for because they quit too soon and don't workout consistently. Some of the most dedicated people in the world still find it difficult to develop good habits when it comes to being physically fit.

Muscle Confusion is one of the newest concepts out today. It’s the concept of having a variety in your workouts. Muscle confusion keeps the body from becoming used to a set routine which allows for growth of muscle in a slow but steady manner. Muscle confusion is meant to keep your body systematically overloading itself and then allowing time to recuperate. It's one of the fastest ways to get into shape and is becoming more and more popular. The variety of workout routines will also keep you mentally motivated as your muscles continually grow.

The Muscle Confusion Philosophy

Most people work out to get in shape, stay in shape, and build muscle. There are so many people that have been doing the same routine for months or even years who begin to feel as though they are peaked out, this is called the "plateau effect". The philosophy behind muscle confusion exercise is to prevent this "plateau effect" by continually challenging the body to reach its maximum potential.

In reality the plateau effect will only take place if you let it, if you continue to push yourself to the max you won't ever experience the plateau effect however it is very hard to keep this from happening. Our mindset allows us to settle in where we feel most comfortable so we begin to feel as though we have reached our maximum potential when in fact this is not the case. Utilizing muscle confusion to continually force the body to break down or overload the muscles and cause growth is only one way of defeating this so called plateau effect.

Muscle Confusion exercise forces you to perform a variety of sets, reps, exercises, resting time, etc while training your muscles in the most efficient position. It’s very important when utilizing muscle confusion that you don’t allow your muscles to accommodate to an exercise or else it won’t be effective. Always remember, a workout is only as good as you make it and that’s by continually pushing yourself to the max, muscle confusion is only the beginning. You must stay committed and true to yourself or no workout regiment will get you into shape.

The Truth Behind Muscle Confusion

Muscle Confusion doesn't actually confuse your muscles, it's a term that has been dubbed by several training systems like p90x. It's more of a marketing term than anything else but for all intense purposes it's simply a system that gives tons of variety in your workouts to systematically cause your muscle's to break down and recuperate again and again which is what takes to become lean and build true muscle mass. Many people find muscle confusion a way to achieve the greatest results in the shortest amount of time. The term muscle confusion shouldn’t in any way be associated with physically confusing your muscles.

Essentially you could do the same routine of exercises everyday and continue to see results if you are constantly pushing yourself and overloading your muscles. Most people however, tend to get bored or lose interest. By utilizing the muscle confusion concept you are continually doing different exercises each week and people find it more interesting and tend to be continually challenged instead of settling in to the same old routine.

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